Technical Specification

A. Power supply 220V AC, 1- phase, 50Hz
B. Dimension (L)1810mm x (W) 680mm x (H)2420mm
C. No. of Spindles 16
D. Material Synthetic or Cotton according to customer
E. Spindle speed 5000 to 20,000 RPM
F. Drafting PK-225
G. Counts From Ne10 up to Ne80
H. Spindle gauge 70 mm
I. Spindle size 7” – 1/40 Tapper
J. Ring Diameter 38 mm
K. Lift 170 mm
L. T.P.I. 5.00 to 60.00
M. Draft Up to 60
N. Flute Roller Front Roller – 27mm, Middle Roller –27mm, Back Roller – 27mm
O. Cradle Short Cradle
P. Drive Servo drives 5#
Q. Touch Control screen To display Spindle Speed, Front Roll Speed, Running Slub Length, Interval Length & Slub dia., Total Yarn Length
R. Slub Length 50 to 30000 mm
S. Interval Length 50 to 30000 mm
T. Slub Diameter 1.2 to 9.99 times of normal yarn
U. Negative Slub 0.5 to 0.8 times of normal yarn
V. Total weight 450 Kgs.
Types of Fancy Effects –

1. Normal Yarn

2. One Colour Ground Slub (OCGS)

3. Two Colour Injected Slub (TCIS)

4. Multi Count Multi Twist (MCMT)

5. Ground Slub and Injected Slub both in the same yarn (TIO)

6. Two colour Injected Slub with Multi Count Multi Twist (TCMT)

7. Negative Slub