DigitorQ mini Slub-spin


The salient features of the Motion controlled “DigitorQ mini Slub-spin” Ring Spinning Frame are outlined below:

Drafting rollers - front, middle and back with individual servomotors with drives for step-less variation of speed without affecting the speeds of other rollers. The back draft and total draft can be varied without any change of gears or pulleys.

The lappet in the “DigitorQ mini Slub-spin” is fixed.

AC servomotor for the spindles drive for varying the spindle speed up to 20000 rpm.

Motion controlled system for data acquisition and analysis, supervisory functions and complete machine control.

A unique purpose electronic circuit to perform different functions such as independent motor control, speed variation, smooth start etc. This required a manual method of determining correct setting in different types of fibres.

Isolation is used to prevent system from spikes.

Individual AC servomotor for acceleration, deceleration, starting and stopping without any mechanical clutches or brakes.

Provision for easy variation of drafting parameters by a digitally controlled program to produce the desired fancy effect with specific slub thickness, length and interval of the slub in the yarn.

Enhanced yarn quality with appreciable reduction in hairiness & significant increase in yarn strength with enhanced yarn appearance.

Ergonomically designed for user friendliness.

Less yarn breakage in winding, knitting & warping.

Improved fabric behaviors.

Improved efficiency.

Better performance.

Better working atmosphere.