Slub-O-Generator™ (SOG)

Don't think you are just spinning yarn! "DigitorQ"TM Servo Dynamic technology is for various spinning conditions to produce a truly wonder yarn for eye catching effects in yarn/fabrics. Different popular effects can be obtained in yarn by Slub-O-GeneratorTM. You can diversify product range to achieve more profits. Our sincere team is always active for new products & effects developments.

The Slub-O-Generator can modify any ordinary spinning machine to produce slub yarn on cotton, synthetics and worsted system. A programmable logic controlled servo driving system overtakes the drafting on the host spinning machine's drafting system. Variety of slubs of any length and thickness with many combinations of patterns can be produced to meet out the requirement of global yarn market.

Slub-O-Generator™ (SOG) Models-

1. OCGS (One Colour Ground Slub) – DigitorQ technology produces kinds of thickness slubs and Interval lengths in the same yarn. Slubs and Intervals both can be produced in Patterning or Anti-Patterning (Random) manners.

  • • Model DigitorQ™ OCGS TL-1
  • Short and medium frames up to 720 spindles
  • • Model DigitorQ™ OCGS TL-1+
  • Short frame coarse count
  • • Model DigitorQ™ OCGS TL-2
  • Long frame duo-flex
  • • Model DigitorQ™ OCGS TL-2+
  • Long frame duo-flex coarse count
  • • Model DigitorQ™ OCGS TL-3
  • LR-9 up to 1400 spindles
  • • Model DigitorQ™ O.E. TL-1+
  • Open-end spinning 120 rotors

2. TCIS (Two Colour Injected Slub) – DigitorQ technology produces two colour injected slub effect yarn.

  • • Model DigitorQ™ TCIS TL-1
  • Short frames
  • • Model DigitorQ™ TCIS TL-2
  • Long frames with duo-flex

3. MCMT (Multi Count Multi Twist) – DigitorQ technology produces multi count multi twist effect yarn.

  • • Model DigitorQ™ MCMT TL-1+
  • Short frames
  • • Model DigitorQ™ MCMT TL-2+
  • Long frames with duo-flex

4. OCTC (Ground Slub and Injected Slub both in the same yarn) – DigitorQ technology produces one colour ground slub and injected slub both in the same yarn.

  • • Model DigitorQ™ OCTC (Two In One) TL-1
  • Short frames
  • • Model DigitorQ™ OCTC (Two In One) TL-2
  • Long frames
  • • Model DigitorQ™ OCTC (One By One) TL-1
  • Short frames

5. Beacon Slub (Only for short Slubs)

  • • Model DigitorQ™ Beacon Slub TL-1
  • Short frames

6. TCMT (Two Colour Injected Slub with Multi Count Multi Twist)

  • • Model DigitorQ™ TCMT TL-1
  • Short frames

7. O.E.(Open End) - DigitorQ technology can also used for Open-end Spinning.

  • • Model DigitorQ™ O.E. TL-1

Salient Features

• 100% logically programmed.

• Low power consumption.

• Highly versatile, easy operation.

• Sturdy, compact and maintenance free.

• Suitable for any type of fiber.

• Workable on normal room temperature.

• Few hours’ interruption for installation.

• Slub missing protection.

• Customer services are available forever.

• Touch screen HMI control.

• Password protected.

• High CSP.

• Variable slubs possible.

• Produce fix and/or random slubs in same yarn.

• Produce fix and/or random intervals in same yarn.

• Suitable to produce positive and/or negative slubs in same yarn.

• Soft control available to replace CP (Change Pinion).

• Capable to produce very small slub in cotton yarn.

• Possibilities to produce 18-20 Slubs per meter in cotton yarn in special conditions.

General Specification

  • • Power requirement
  • • Minimum Slub Length
  • • Maximum Slub Length
  • • Interval Length
  • • Thickness
  • 180V-250V A.C. 50 Hz. Single Phase or 440 V AC Three Phase
  • 1.2 X Fiber length
  • Any Length
  • length required between two slub lengths Patterning / Anti Patterning
  • 1.2 to any thickness according to the technical limitation of spinning machine and material.

Uses of Slub Yarn

There are endless uses of slub yarn. Slub yarn are used mainly in fashion industry, readymade garment industry, woolen knitting industry, Furnishing industry and handicraft industry etc. for creating eye catching designs in fabrics and other end products. Payback period of Slub-O-Generator is two to six months only.