DigitorQ mini Slub-spin


“DigitorQ mini Slub-spin” is an ideal spinning tester with maximum flexibility for developmental studies. There are many applications for this “DigitorQ mini Slub-spin” small scale spinning technique. Some of these are:

Useful to textile mills for optimization of spinning parameters. New yarn development and spinning different fibre samples.

Provides immense scope to produce different types of fancy yarns and specialty yarns.

Machinery manufacturers can utilize “DigitorQ mini Slub-spin” for optimizing spinning geometry. Testing of sub assemblies and new components and to determine best possible conditions for automation studies.

Useful to accessories manufacturers for optimizing and testing their own products in addition to new developments.

Can be used for preparing calibration yarn as per the specific requirement of various sectors.

Ideal for Research and Development Institutes for carrying out technological research and material testing under various conditions and

For Universities, Educational Institutions and Training Centers for textile training in Spinning and experimental purposes.

“DigitorQ mini Slub-spin” can produce Slub Yarn by SLUB-O-GENERATOR both of patterning or anti-patterning type with slubs of any programmable length and dia. It can produce different counts effect in the same yarn. Slub yarn of any count above 8’s count can be produced by this Machine.

Appearance of Slub:-

Ex. - Slub Effect Pattern –

(Different F.L. with Random I.L. & Fix I.L.) Slubs of Two thicknesses