Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake

BEA Electronics offers a wide range of electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes i.e. Single Disc & Multi Disc. Electromagnetic Clutches are an important means of torque transmission. They are mainly used for change of speed and feed are essential to optimize the efficiency and synchronize the various machine operations. Our clutches and brakes designs are field tested, reliable and power efficient. They are used in various automation industrial applications in textile, printing, Packaging, Plastic, Foundry and Cement industries.

Carbon Brush

BEA Electronics is a manufacturer of high quality TexcarbTM Carbon brushes. Carbon brush is an electrical contact which makes a connection with a moving surface. Optimal performance on motors, generators and other types of moving contact applications will be attained only when the carbon brush, the brush-holder and the contact surface are properly designed and maintained. All three components are critical factors in a complex electro-mechanical system.

DigitorQ mini Slub-spin

Looking to rapid change in fashion trends and the desire for functional garments, call for innovative developments in the field of textile machinery and specialty yarns. In the recent scenario of globalization, particularly in textile industry not only productivity is the factor of vital importance but also quality at all stages of manufacture from raw material to end product. For success of commercial spinning necessitates pre – test runs of small samples in order to assess the twist, draft, yarn tension, spindle speed etc., that are needed to produce yarns of the required quality.