About Us

BEA Electronics is a Kaushik Group company, manufacturer of fancy yarn producing devices, Carbon brushes, electromagnetic clutch & brake. BEA Electronics is serving textile industry for more than three decades.

  • Easy Installation & User friendly Operation
  • Reliable & Field Proven Design
  • Always produce quality yarn.
  • Cost effective Slub Yarn Production Solution
  • Thousands installation worldwide

Our Vision and Belief

Mission of our company is to meet out the demands and expectations of our Customers, Vendors and Employees by adopting ethical business practices and using of our all available resources.

Core beliefs of company are Honesty, Discipline and Criticism. Honesty brings transparency in our business and develops trust in each other. It is directly transform in our business growth and strong relationship.Discipline helps us to manage business easy and improve efficiency.Criticism brings us closer to perfection.

Our Strength

Our Core Strength is motivated manpower, vendors and suppliers. The Company always recognizes their sincere efforts and hard work to motivate them. Our driving forces are customers who trust and believe in our company and products. It motivates us to move forward.

Our Commitment

Company is committed to deliver best of available technology, products and services to the customers. We are also committed to grow and fulfill the expectations of our vendors & employees.


BEA Electronics is having company owned 150 Sq. Meter office space at Gwalior for operational activities.BEA Electronics is also having company owned 3000 Sq. Meter factory at Industrial area Gwalior for manufacturing activities.

Our Brand




BEA Electronics is a customer focused organization whose policies are framed out in benefit of our users. Our existence is due to customers hence we listen their problems and suggestions carefully. Recently company had started customer care department with latest I.T. and communication infrastructure to strengthen our relationship with the customers. Company is providing continuous technical training to the employees to improve customer relationship. Our I.T. Department is performing this job very well by installation ERP system to improve efficiency and better business management. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We welcome to submit your feedback about our products and services always. This will help/support us to improve and meet out your needs .


Good vendor and suppliers are our strength. BEA electronics is continuously looking out such companies and people who are ready to accept challenges . Company helps vendors by providing them finance, technical knowhow and knowledge to build long lasting relationship. If you are interested, please send your details now.


BEA Electronics is an equal opportunity employer and HR policies of company are framed out in benefit of employees. Company is continuously organizing training programs to enhance skills and knowledge of employees. It helps them to perform well resulted in job satisfaction.


BEA Electronics is a socially responsible company and offering employment without any discrimination of gender, race, community and caste .Company is also giving employment to physically handicapped people and woman to empower them. Company is also taking care to save environment and natural resources by making environment friendly policies and developing good habits in employees. To send your comments and suggestions please feel free to contact us.

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