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1. What is Slub yarn?

Basically slub is a defect in yarn. Whenever yarn is over-drafted or under drafted or some foreign fibers mixed during spinning process then yarn is not suitable for making fabric. This slub becomes valuable when we purposefully spin slub yarn with the help of SOG for making self created designs in fabric or Knitted Garment.

2. How can we produce Slub Yarn?

We can produce a Slub Yarn on any ring spinning frame machine or any open end spinning frame machine by accelerating back roller with the help of installing Slub-O-Generator.

3. How many varieties are available in Slub Yarn?

There are different types of Slub Yarn, like Ground Slub, Injected Slub, multi count Slub, BEACON Slub etc.

4. How many different models of S.O.G are available?

Most popular models are DigitorQ™ OCGS TL-1, DigitorQ™ TCIS TL-1, DigitorQ™ MCMT TL-1, DigitorQ™ TIO TL-1, DigitorQ™ O.E. TL-1, DigitorQ™ BEACON SLUB TL-1.

5. What is S.O.G?

S.O.G is abbreviation of Slub-O-Generator and it is used to produce slub yarn.

6. What is DigitorQ Technology?

DigitorQ is digital torque control technology, specially developed for using with fancy yarn devices and it incorporates our in-house developed software, DigitorQ is our trade mark.

7. How much time will be required to install?

Normally it takes one day to install but the Spinning machine will be stopped only for few hours.

8. What is the advantage to spinner?

The selling price of slub yarn is higher than normal yarn hence payback period of S.O.G installation is very short and spinner will earn more profit by installation of Slub-O-Generator.

9. How much minimum / maximum Slub Length can be produced?

Production of Slub length depends on fiber length i.e. Minimum Slub length = 1.2 X Fiber length. There is no limit for maximum slub length.

10. Is it necessary to reduce the speed of spinning machine during production of Slub yarn?

Yes, we have to reduce the speed of the spinning machine related to different factors like, slub length, thickness, yarn count, no. of Slub, type of fiber etc.

11. How can we maintain thickness of the slub?

Slub thickness can be maintained by electronic adjustment through touch screen.

12. Why do we use carbon brush?

It is used to transfer electric current from static contact to moving contact.

13. Why do we call it Carbon Brush?

In early days copper wire brush was used to transfer the current, which was costly and having little life so copper wires are replaced with Carbon which is comparatively cheaper and having long life but still it is known as Carbon Brush similar to copper brush.

14. What is the importance and purpose of spring in Carbon Brush?

The spring is playing very important role to maintain proper pressure on carbon brush for making low electrical resistance contact.

15. How will hardness of spring effects Carbon Brush performance?

Too much hardness of spring will put excessive pressure on carbon brush which will adversely affects life of carbon brush and other parts.

16. Where do we use carbon brush?

Carbon brush are used in electrical machines i.e D.C Motor, A.C Slip Ring Motors, Overhead cranes, Clutch, Brakes, Automobile, Machine Tools etc.

17. Why do we use Thimble in carbon brush?

It is used to make better contact and easy contact fixing.

18. Can we use same type of Carbon Brush everywhere?

No, Carbon brush are made as per requirement of application, hence it is having different size, shape, hardness, material quality and grade. So you will require selecting carbon brush carefully according to requirement of your application.

19. What is the life of Carbon Brush?

Life of carbon brush depends on the size, shape, quality, material grade, pressure on carbon brush etc and application where it is used. If the material of Carbon Brush is not good then how will it affect performance? If carbon Brush material is not good then it will reduce life of moving part (commutator) as well as Carbon Brush.

20. Why do we use Clutch?

Clutch is used to control motion of the machine.


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